October 3, 2011

Autumn all of a sudden

Finally we got a break in the weather. We were growing weary of the wet, humid summer. August was the wettest on record in the region!

We have been working hard to clean up form Hurricane Irene, which did quite a bit of tree pruning and snapped a few large maples (60 footers). Mike put his chain saw to work and made fast work of next year's firewood. Maple is excellent for the wood burning stove as it burns very hot and slowly. We also saved many lengths between 2 1/2 and 4 inches in diameter so we can experiment with making maple railings. Maple is beautiful wood!

We also lost a big oak, which is the very best firewood.

Overall we sustained minimal damage form the hurricane. Nothing hit the cabin but some fallen branches. We did have one tree take down our electric lines but that's all taken care of.

This week we have a very talented contractor named Tom Colucci who is doing the log replacement and repairs. His mill has made approximately 40' of logs to match the existing ones. Our log home is what they call New England style, meaning that the logs are hand peeled and "natural," meaning that they are not all milled to exactly the same size and shape. Tom will be gently lifting up the good logs, snaking out the rotten ones, and snaking in new ones. This is both exciting and nerve racking! Photos to come.

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