September 26, 2011

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival!

The weather was supposed to be rainy, but we got lucky for the 23rd Annual Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. We forgot to bring a camera, but had loads of fun eating samples of garlic everything--from ice cream (not great) to wide varieties of pesto (best in the world, best in the universe, etc). See the link here We went in with low expectations, but it was a delightful day. A lot more farm stuff than we thought and everyone was friendly and wanted to talk garlic! And lots of good rootsy music, puppet shows, folk dancers, etc.

There was also a lecture area where we got to see Ric Orlando work some kitchen magic and sample an amazing twist on skordalia and roasted garlic caramel over vanilla ice cream. If you are a Food TV watcher, you may have seen him there. People have been raving about his restaurant New World Home Cooking since we moved up here. We haven't made it there yet and sampling these treats made me wonder what we are waiting for! Recipes can be found here I must say that while the garlic ice cream I bought was gross (I actually threw out ice cream!) but this roasted garlic caramel on vanilla ice cream was really awesome!

Anyone want to join us next year?

September 20, 2011

End of summer friends come by

We had some great visits lately from both old and new friends. Our old friends Marguax, Kirk, Charlotte, J, and U, came up the week after Hurricane Irene, and our newer friends Annie and Dave stayed with us this past weekend. We've been having a good time! In fact so much fun that we forgot to take pictures of these folks.

This is one of two beautiful kids, who were getting to know Finn and talking up a storm. They are great listeners too!

A Northern Walking Stick on a rock that looks like a dinosaur egg.

Finn resting after climbing a few scrambles at North Lake.

September 4, 2011

Irene III

Well, we will have red oak to burn in the wood stove:

Our driveway was overrun. The little creek on the right of the road is usually just a quiet place for frogs.

Out on the main road:

The water running off the road and down through the woods. Very intense.

The bank will be closed today:

More photos:

Irene II

Here are some more shots of the storm. Including Finn hiding under a quilt (handmade by Mike's mom) and our road that looks like a lake. Also there's Mike using the chainsaw to clear out the driveway so we could go to the road. Midori is (wisely) afraid of the chainsaw. Imagining the failed attempts to get to the nearest trauma center (only 30 miles and the hudson river away) through roads all blocked with downed power lines and trees. Though what she is imagining in that shot of her watching the wind as she sits in the window is the trees falling and cracking Mike in the skull or breaking his back because he's out chainsawing in the middle of a windstorm instead of sheltered in a log structure like his smart dog and partner.


Irene caught us by surprise. The hurricane, which was little more than a breeze in NYC, seemed to pick up steam as it headed inland and north towards the Catskills. After a very windy rainy night, we woke to swollen creeks and rivers and several downed trees. Since it stopped raining, we got out to town to survey the damage. Of course this required the heavy work of the chainsaw just to get out of the driveway and down the road. Once out on the main road, we could only go west, since the flooding and downed trees blocked our eastern way. (After part two of the storm, the main road was blocked in both directions.)

Little did we know that the back end of the storm would contain such extremely harsh winds that we lost a dozen more trees as we watched from the windows. I'm glad we made it back inside before the winds started their serious damage.

This is the Sawkill River, which meanders through Woodstock. In August it is usually a quiet stream. Here it has breeched its banks and is also beating the bottom of the bridge we are standing on.

This is the wind around our cabin. You can see one oak laying across the drive. That will be good fuel next winter!

As we posted these videos we were reminded of the song Dreadful Wind and Rain as performed by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The video is poor but the recording is from their album. Give it a listen.