August 2, 2011

summer work

Lots of activity at the cabin this week.

There is a big moat dug around the cabin so that the foundation can be sealed off and keep water out. The father and son team that's doing it looks to be doing a great job. Dad digs with the big machine (which Mike can name) and then Son goes around with a shovel and scraper to get the small bits off.

The same guys are also grading and making drainage for the long drive up the hill. Four loads of gravel should provide a much smoother ride to our lovely hermitage.

Lots of pictures to follow, once we get the photographer back to a wired environment.


  1. Can't wait for pics!

    I used to call the bulldozer/back-hoe a "big digger with two things" when I was a wee lad.

  2. Too funny. But that's exactly what it is.