August 8, 2011

Foundation work

This is a BIG project we've been planning for a while - a huge step toward drying out the basement and controlling water around the foundation.

Neil's excavator

Looks like whatever they used originally to seal the foundation gave up a long time ago.

Neil in his excavator, or backhoe, if you must. He chain smokes but doesn't actually smoke. One after the other they just burn down as he digs away.

A backhoe behind a loader. Fun looking toys.

Below you can see the first parts of the drainage system that will run along the entire foundation footing to move the water away. Also, although there's no picture here, both gutter leaders now run underground and off the nearby cliff. Eventually we will collect that water and reuse it but for now we are happy knowing all those gallons per rainfall are going somewhere other than near our basement.

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