August 30, 2011

Family Fun!

Not ready to talk about storm damage from TS Irene just yet. . . Will keep this post to the great time we had Friday and Saturday with my brother's family. Ellie had her first sleep over at the cabin and Danielle made her first visit up.

That's Ellie and Mike preparing the fire for cooking hotdogs and marshmallows (Ellie's request for dinner). We also had Joe and his family over--they are our neighbors who happen to be good friends of my brother's. I believe Joe was my brother's college swim team captain. On Saturday, we went to a great swimming hole near Joe's house and they treated us to a lovely impromptu lunch and fun on the zip-line. Lots of fun for Finn too, there were lots of dogs at the swimming hole and he got to hang out with Buddy at Joe's.


  1. can't wait to get up there again.

  2. Looks like a fun time for humans and animals.

    Sorry to hear you had storm damage from Irene.

  3. redwing: We're looking forward to Jack growing up in and around the cabin--oh yes, and spending time with you two, too!