August 16, 2011

Ah, late summer

We just passed our one year anniversary with the cabin. We spent some time reflecting on how much work we have done to restore it. In many ways we are ahead of schedule. We also noticed that as the year progressed we have been spending more time relaxing and enjoying it. It's getting there fast!

The next big project - perhaps the biggest - is the log restoration. We are close to an agreement with Martin Kirsch, owner of Appalachian Log Home Repairs, to do the work. He will replace and repair logs with rot or too much weathering, corn cob blast the entire cabin (power washing is too lame and sandblasting is too violent), caulking and chinking, stain and seal. The corn cob blasting will restore the logs to what they were when they were new. Martin has his own website here:

Anyway, between two torrential rains we had a visit from friends Joanne and Mike. It was nice catching up again. And Mike helped us run electric and install a hanging lamp over the table. They even gave us the lamp!

We are looking forward to what autumn will bring us.

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  1. Wow, a year...that went by fast! The continuing restoration plans sound wonderful. I am so impressed by how thoughtfully you guys are proceeding. A hanging lamp over the table. What a nice gift!