March 23, 2011

Waters back on... Spring is here

Happy Spring! Miraculously all those mounds of snow have melted over the course of one week prior to the Spring equinox. This past weekend we enjoyed walking (instead of trudging) the property and enjoying the active, ground-pecking birds, a big bonfire of leaves and tree debris, and sitting around in the faint sun on our deck.

One downside is that we can't cool the beers in the snow.

We also turned on the water for the season. It's a bit early as there will be nights that fall below freezing, but the heat is on for protection. It's worth the risk!

Alas, we forgot to bring a camera so no snowless pictures this week.

1 comment:

  1. Here's hoping the weather starts to warm up soon. I bet you'll have a great Spring in the woods.