February 22, 2011

Power Outage!

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there--does it make a sound? No, that's not the question. The question is this: if a tree falls on your power lines, who is responsible for fixing it? This week we discover that some telephone poles are owned by the power company and some belong to the customer. When the customer owns the poles, the customer hires an electrician to fix downed lines. When the power company owns them, they do the work. Guess who owns the two on our property?

Fortunately for us, we've found that people up here are so open and friendly, that even though we should have had to hire someone to come fix the lines, the guy who came out from the power company said they'd take care of it as a courtesy! Then this morning the electrician called and said he'd go check it out just to make sure the power company took care of everything!

We spent a beautiful quiet candlelit night. Lovely.

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