February 26, 2011

Life and Taxes

Thanks to b-days and tax returns, we've gotten three vital necessities that every cabin should have:
Snow shoes! Mike's been getting cabin fever since there's no place to walk because of the couple of feet of snow all around. Now we can go any place we like!

Muck boots! (I have my Bogs in the next pic.) It's going to be a muddy, muddy Spring after all this snow melts. Now we'll be prepared. By the way, that's Mike checking out the roof, which apparently needed shoveling. His dad used to do that all the time in NH. Must be a family thing because I never heard of it before.

Adirondack chairs! It's not quite warm enough yet for a good long lounge, but it will be soon enough. . . and it was quite a comfortable place to relax after snow-shoeing around.


  1. Yeah!! Love seeing you guys accrue goodies with which to more thoroughly enjoy cabin life. xo

  2. Looks like you are prepared for spring! I think it must be a New England thing with the roof shoveling. My dad had to shovel some of the roof this year with all the snow we've had.