January 20, 2011

What do you think?

We are experimenting with Tumblr, which is a more "multimedia" version of Blogger.  It's much more picture friendly.  We haven't found the right theme for the page yet, but what do you think of the slide show thing instead of the pics running down the page?



  1. The problem with tumblr is that it really doesn't make it easy for people to add comments. And the comments are hard for others to see. It's quite neat for just putting up images, but they really seem to want to restrict the back and forth that makes blogging fun, unless you are already part of the Tumblr world and even then it's all basically "so and so like this", "so and so reposted this". It's weird.

    If you do go with it, I lean towards static images rather than a slide show as I like to be able to control how I see the pictures rather than waiting for some little program to decide when I can look at which one.

  2. Thanks Olman. You have confirmed some of my problems with it. I'll keep experimenting but continue using Blogger at least until someone makes exactly what we are looking for (for free).

  3. i actually don't mind scrolling down the blog. and the composition of the blog is warm and cozy like the cabin (i suspect and hope to find out soon)!