December 17, 2010

Thanks, Fred Neil

Fred Neil is the dude that had the cabin built back in 1968.  Neil was a prolific folk-rock singer/songwriter during the 1960s who is perhaps known best for his Oscar winning song, “Everybody’s Talkin’,” which was the theme song for the movie Midnight Cowboy (then performed by Harry Nilsson).

Neil’s catalogue is quite extensive and includes songs performed by countless others.  He is one of those songwriters who is the source for so many great performers, such as Roy Orbison, Lovin’ Spoonful, Cream, Stephen Stills., Bob Dylan, The Band, The Grateful Dead…  My first experience with a Fred Neil song was six years ago when I saw the Black Crowes play “The Dolphins” live.  It’s a beautiful song.  I was actually in the barn when they filmed this performance the year before last.  It's Levon Helm’s barn in neighboringWoodstock, New York.  Here's Fred's version.

 Anyway, Neil made enough money to build his secluded cabin up beyond his buddies at Big Pink and spent quite a few years there writing, playing and apparently teasing the squirriels, as remembered by a friend in this interview.

We are very happy that he had this place built and that it has a place in Woodstock folk music history.

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  1. 1968...a good year it was ;-) It's nice hearing about the history of your place!