December 30, 2010

snowy quiet christmas

Merry Christmas from the cabin! It was a blustery, snowy week but so warm and cozy by the woodstove. . . average temp indoors is 68 degrees. We turned off the water earlier this week so for the rest of the winter, we'll have to really rough it. I'm sure someone else will regale you with stories of blowing out the lines.

Lots and lots of birds are enjoying the feeders. Here are some woodpeckers and nuthatches. There are also a pair of cardinals, some blue jays, chickadees and 32 wild turkeys. Let me tell you, when you see 32 turkeys swarming over your yard at once, it's a pretty bizarre sight. Will spare you the photo. Oh! A family of 4 or 5 deer sauntered through too, but when I tried to take their picture they bounded off out of sight.

1 comment:

  1. Nice self-portrait :-) Wondering how things will work without water... Maybe you can tell me tomorrow :-)