October 18, 2010

NY Sheep and Wool Festival

Lucky for us, the NY Sheep and Wool Festival was in nearby Rhinebeck this weekend. We didn't go, but my sister did, as did her college friend and 9 y.o. daughter. They came up the evening before and stayed over--it was great to have company. Lots of great food for dinner including local cheeses, olives, crusty bread followed up by my own quinoa tabouli and bbq. For dessert? Apple pie, of course. It's fall in the Northeast, after all. Skillet apple pie a la America's Test Kitchen.

We also had lots of conversation, and lovely walks around the grounds including hopping over rocks in the stream. . . Thanks for the visit!

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  1. I'll send you the pics if you want to post some :-) Thank you, for a wonderful time, including waking up and making us breakfast. xo