October 28, 2010

"The Dude"

She knitted this sweater last winter in anticipation of wearing it at the cabin.  Really, she made it so I could wear it and be The Dude from The Big Lebowski for Halloween.  She researched the sweater pattern and it is actually called "The Dude."


October 25, 2010

New roof for the workshop

Look how straight those shingles are!

Because of the low pitch on this roof we should be using asphalt rolled roofing but that crap lasts only five years (making it an environmental disaster) and looks terrible.  We'll see if this works out for us.  Next (Spring) will be some kind of siding.

RIP, my favorite pants

My favorite pants have finally given in to age.  They spent their past day covering most of my lower half while I put a new roof on the workshop.  It's now the workshop, and not a shed, because we have been able to do significant work in there. 

Anyway, good-bye favorite pants ever.

And, no, I was not wearing pants while I took the latter photos.  Wearing other pants while saying good-bye to these pants seemed wrong.

October 22, 2010

Fire hazard

Well, our insurance company told us we have to make some changes to the wood burning stove.  The stove pipe is too close to the stairs, which are wood (combustible), and there is not enough stone surrounding the stove to protect the floor.  We knew these were problems but were hoping to push that job off until Spring.  Oh, well.  We have a local chimney guy coming to replace the lower sections of stovepipe with the insulated type, and we will do the stone work ourselves.  Should be interesting.

October 18, 2010

NY Sheep and Wool Festival

Lucky for us, the NY Sheep and Wool Festival was in nearby Rhinebeck this weekend. We didn't go, but my sister did, as did her college friend and 9 y.o. daughter. They came up the evening before and stayed over--it was great to have company. Lots of great food for dinner including local cheeses, olives, crusty bread followed up by my own quinoa tabouli and bbq. For dessert? Apple pie, of course. It's fall in the Northeast, after all. Skillet apple pie a la America's Test Kitchen.

We also had lots of conversation, and lovely walks around the grounds including hopping over rocks in the stream. . . Thanks for the visit!

October 17, 2010

My mother made this

She is a true craftsperson!

He does minor electric work too

This was a bit of a mess but now is mounted properly, bright and watertight!

October 12, 2010

New occupant

When we put up the bird feeder we imagined the arrival of a different species.

He appears to be a flying squirrel (giant eyes a give away).

Good sightings this weekend

October 11, 2010


Something about this area reminds me of my brother. Just can't pinpoint what it is. Help me out here.

October 4, 2010

Blog stats

In the past month this blog has had the following views by country:
US - 278
Spain - 28
UK - 8
Germany - 7
China - 4
Netherlands - 3
Russia - 1

Go Spain!
Happy cat:

Mmm. Barbeques:

Finished the roofing!

Thanks to Mike P.s crash course in roofing repair and installation, we were able to finished the final section of the roof after adding the 3/4" sheathing. It was fun!

Voila! Le toit du cabane.

Sandy's newest quilt (the "log cabin" pattern) up in the loft bed with a very happy old cat.

Basement work

One of our larger projects is dealing with moisture in the basement. Step one has been to move water away form the cabin by repairing gutters and downspouts, and adding them where they were missing. Step two is what you see below. The floor is mostly dirt with large areas of bedrock protruding. Short of the insane job of pouring a concrete floor, we decided to create a vapor barrier with 6 millimeter plastic with a few inches of bluestone on top. Just laying the plastic has made a world of difference. We are also putting up insulation in the basement ceiling as another barrier. You'll notice that in the section I put it up backwards. The barrier side of the insulation should be on the warmer side (up in this case). Lastly we are going to dig around the foundation--probably in the Spring/Summer--and both seal and insulate the foundation. Ugh. That job is going to be a lot of work.

We also took out all that rig job electric, stapled wires properly, got all splices in junction boxes, and installed three light fixtures.