September 7, 2010

visits, visits, visits

We had a busy labor day weekend, full of labor but also lots of visits.

Friends Mike and Joanne came to see us and Mike, who is extremely talented, helped us out tremendously, working with Mike on two doors, our stairs and kitchen electric in the span of a couple of hours. He also carried a tree up the road so now we have firewood, which we needed for the mid-40's we saw at night and early morning. Joanne "scrubbed" the self-cleaning oven so once I test the temperature, we'll be able to bake (apple pie anyone?).

Family (my brother, sister-in-law and three year old Princess) came up for lunch and more chopping firewood. I believe my niece is smitten with the place, but as Mike said, she loves everywhere. A friend of my brother's who lives just a couple miles away joined us as well. It's great to have someone we know so close by!

Neighbors stopped by as well, and that was very pleasant. We are fast becoming part of a community! Now we know more drama (I mean history) of the place and we also are learning things like who plows and how much does that cost.

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  1. Sounds busy! It's really nice to have friends help and drop by. Looking forward to Friday!