September 27, 2010

More roof repair pics

Mike P. rebuilt that mess of a roof structure on the back deck as well. When finished it will have the same roofing as the main roof. Sweet.


  1. Very nice! So what did you guys do? Just rip out all the old rotting interior wood and leave the frame, line it with insulation and seal it with plywood?

  2. The roof is comprised of the usual shingles, tar paper and 1/2" sheathing. Below that was 2 inches of foam insulation and then 5/8" x 6" toungue-in-groove pine. Below and around that copper vent pipe the sheathing and foam was a mess, so in that area we pulled it all out. And because we were going to tear down that rig job structure on the other side, we pulled the roofing off all the way across so it would be uniform. In a week or two that structure will have 3/4" sheathing an roof shingles as well. Then the deck below it will be built out to the edges. Fun stuff!