September 12, 2010

End of a four day weekend

With family visiting on Friday and all the work we've been doing you'd think we would remember to capture things with a camera...

We had a great visit Friday with a sister, brother-in-law, two nephews and another youngster. We had a great time talking, playing various forms of tag, making fire, hiking on the property, chopping wood, playing chess and eating a lot. Thanks for coming guys. We hope you come back soon and often!

Other work we did:
- Made fire pit seating out of cut logs and stone.
- Leveled the basement (ugh) and rolled out 6 millimeter plastic for a vapor barrier. Next is to lay crushed stone on top of it and dig around the exterior to seal it up.
- Sanded and polyurethaned a section of the bathroom floor that the previous owner missed because he was a slob.
- Cut and stacked 1/8th of a cord of fire wood for seasoning (it's for next fall at the soonest).
- Added three inches of flashing between the roof shingles and gutters to force water away from the cabin.
- Painted new bolts we used to shore up the loft stairs (work we did last weekend). We painted the black so they looked like iron.

But don't think we go there only to work! We enjoyed many hours of relaxation, peace, quiet and an abundance of nature. Two deer drinking from the stream in front of the cabin. Birds of prey everywhere we go. We even saw a dead porcupine (roadkill).

Well, here's one picture of her after building a raging fire.

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  1. We had a lovely time, thank you so much. The place is truly kinda darned perfect for you :-) I posted some pics over at my blog. xoxo