August 18, 2010


We're well on the way to getting the place in tip-top shape. Sorry to say, still no pics but soon to post. We spent Monday and Tuesday up to there in bleach as we vacuumed, bleached and rinsed the entire interior of the house. One way to learn to love a place is to spend days running your hands over each individual log. I think Mike did some (temporary) damage to his lungs and both of us had red-eyes like we spent the day in an over-chlorinated pool. The difference is remarkable, though. Really beautiful.

I'm back in town (someone has to work, I guess) and he's still up there continuing to clean and is now starting on the outside. The previous occupants sure had a bizarre range of garbage lying around. . .

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  1. Did you photo document the before/after? Sounds like you're working hard...and that it is a labor of love.