November 30, 2009

Looking across from one end to the other. The front door is open leading out to the screened in porch. The man crouched in the center is feeding a log into the big wood burning stove that heats the place. There are other forms of heat, but the owner only burns wood. For some reason he has this beautiful window covered with cloth. And he has a lot of crap laying around.
An ample shed that he advertised as a "studio."
The front porch and deck. The porch is solid but needs some sprucing up. It looks out at a pine grove and up at Overlook Mountain.
The fireplace and back door. The chimney is hand made of blue stone from the property as is the fireplace inside.

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  1. This is freaking awesome. We can't wait to visit! We'll help you collect firewood. You're going to need an axe. And a hammer, like Isherwood himself.